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Fall in love with my computer?

Some people think “That’s silly.”

Some people think “Why would I do that?”

Some people think “Impossible!”

And some people think “EXCELLENT!

That’s exactly what I need”

I recently had a chance to get in touch with how much I really do love my machine when I had a fatal hard drive error back in June.  I suffered enormous amounts of fear and distress wondering if I would ever see my beloved data again. Backup?  I’ll confess – publicly even –  I didn’t have a full backup.  Oh yes, bit and bobs, here and there, but not at all what I am always preaching to my clients they MUST have.  OUCH!

Once the data was restored, I faced a second dilemma.  My machine was no longer tricked out with all the cool add-ons and customizations I had so lovingly applied.  That was when the giant cartoon lightbulb above my head went off:

“This is how people who aren’t infatuated with their PC’s feel all the time!”
No wonder technology of all sorts are not lovingly embraced by most women.
No one has ever showed us how a little bling can make laptops, phones and tablets extremely enjoyable.
Dare I say, downright pleasurable.

So come hang around with us and find out how easy it is to learn to love your computer.

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(Now I’m going to go do a backup — and so should you!)


Susan S.